The University of Terra


 On June 21, 2004, The Former University of There (“UOT) was defined as:  “An organization where students and instructors can share knowledge and the fun of learning new things.”  This mission has since expanded to a global perspective and the name evolved to University of Terra (UOT).

 UOT was founded as a free service to all residents of its virtual home and is a member operated non profit facility.   All UOT staff are volunteers.  The UOT currently operates in three virtual worlds, MOUL, Twinity, and Second Life with a planned major presence and home campus in a new, family virtual world.  Classes in this new venue will begin as soon as space is available.

 Today, the present and future vision of the University includes academic and athletic fun classes, projects, such as support for Physically Challenged Students, as well as support for academic institutions in the outside world who make their classes open to  virtual visitors.  The organization is hopeful and dynamic and it has significant potential as a future gateway between the real and virtual worlds.

 Most of all, the University of Terra is People, not pixels.



 “In this place, we build the future”    In the very near future, virtual reality and life in cyberspace will be as universal, commonplace and essential as the digital clock.  UOT is an important facilitator of this transition, and UOT contributes directly to the rapid evolution of Virtual Reality.



The University of Terra enables and empowers host world members and members of outside institutions, in the process of using virtual reality for both teaching and learning. 

 As an “upper division” educational institution, the curriculum of the University of Terra is focused on the exchange of information beyond the basics of operating in Virtual Reality.  (Basic skills are taught by various greeting organizations who are supported by UOT as requested)

 The University of Terra provides facilities, exposure and a knowledge base for instruction in both  “Virtual World” subjects such as in-world events, and “World” subjects, such as Painting, 3Ddesign and Machinima, which have application in the “outside world”.

 The University of Terra offers facilities and support for “outside” academic institutions and individuals in the process of research and instruction in virtual reality.



 1.  Provide an enjoyable and unbiased learning experience to all World Members.

 2.  Support academic instructors in all disciplines by providing facilities, instructional tools, academic standards and students.

 3.  Serve as a living demonstration of how virtual reality is used beyond games.

 4.  Provide a community service center for all World residents, including exposure to quality performances, art, literature, history and world knowledge, both within and outside the Virtual World.

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